IBM Visualization Data Explorer Installation and Configuration Guide

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Chapter 3. About This Guide

This document tells you how to install Data Explorer on your system. To install Data Explorer, you need to do the following:

  1. Check that you have enough disk space. The disk space requirements for each architecture can be found in Chapter 5. "Disk Space Requirements and Tape Specifications".

  2. Install Data Explorer using the instructions appropriate for your architecture: (It is also possible to install multiple versions of Data Explorer for different architectures. See Chapter 13. "The Configure Script")

    If you want to use a floating, or concurrent, license of Data Explorer, and you are not currently running a NetLS license server somewhere in your network, then you also need to read Chapter 15. "Installing a NetLS License Server".

    To check that the installation has completed successfully, type the following:

    cd /usr/lpp/dx/samples/programs
    dx -image -execute
    An Image window will then open and an image of a colored cloud will appear.

    If you have trouble, see Chapter 14. "Troubleshooting the Data Explorer Installation".

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