IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference

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A.3 libDXL.a

You can control the Data Explorer Executive from another program using the DXLink library libDXL.a. At this level, you can create visual programs using the DX VPE ahead of time and run them using only the DX Executive while providing your own user interface using any third party GUI builder or X library code. With SuperviseWindow and SuperviseState, discussed in IBM Visualization Data Explorer User's Reference, the functions you can control include the Image window interactions, and inserting an active image window into an application with an existing user interface. You get the object cache, the intelligent flow control, the object management and all the other functions which the executive provides.

You can also control the Data Explorer User Interface from another program using the libDXL.a DXLink library. In addition to the executive functions, you can use the Data Explorer Control Panels for user interaction, and the Image window with the direct interactions. The routines contained in libDXL.a are listed in Chapter 17. "DXLink Developer's Toolkit". Figure 14 depicts the Data Explorer architecture.

Figure 14. Data Explorer architecture

Figure arch not

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