IBM Visualization Data Explorer QuickStart Guide

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Chapter 2. Tutorial I: Using Data Explorer

Partial Table-of-Contents

  • 2.1 Starting Data Explorer
  • 2.2 Accessing the Tutorials
  • 2.3 Where To Begin
  • 2.4 Opening and Executing a Visual Program
  • Opening a Visual Program
  • Executing a Visual Program
  • 2.5 Controlling the Appearance of an Object: The Image Window
  • Size, View, and AutoAxes
  • Using the Sequencer
  • Using Control Panels
  • Using the Colormap Editor

  • 2.1 Starting Data Explorer

    To start Data Explorer on a workstation:

    1. Log on to your workstation.
    2. Make sure that the X Window system is running with Motif or the appropriate window manager.
    3. Enter on the command line:
      The Startup Data Explorer window will appear, as shown in Figure 2.

      Figure 2. Startup Data Explorer Window

      Figure startup not

      From the Startup window you can choose to import data, run previously written visual programs, create or edit visual programs, run the Data Explorer tutorial, or run one of a set of sample programs.

    Figure 3. File selection dialog box

    Figure filesel not

    For Future Reference: Context-Sensitive Help

    Context-Sensitive Help is available in the Help pull-down menu of the VPE window. Selecting this item creates a cursor in the shape of a question mark, which can then be placed on a tool icon or other feature in the window. Releasing the mouse button invokes the appropriate Help window.

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