IBM Visualization Data Explorer User's Reference

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About This Reference

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  • Typographic Conventions
  • Related Publications and Sources
  • IBM Publications
  • Non-IBM Publications
  • Other sources of information

  • This manual contains detailed descriptions of IBM Visualization Data Explorer* tools for transforming, realizing, and rendering data. Each description includes the script-language syntax for invoking the tool; input and output specifications; details of module function; and names of sample visual programs that demonstrate the module's function.

    It is strongly recommended that first-time user's of Data Explorer consult the IBM Visualization Data Explorer QuickStart Guide before proceeding (see "Related Publications and Sources").

    Users creating visual programs or scripts should consult this reference in conjunction with IBM Visualization Data Explorer User's Guide, which contains information about the development and modification of visual programs and the syntax of the Data Explorer scripting language.

    Typographic Conventions


    Identifies commands, keywords, files, directories, messages from the system, and other items whose names are defined by the system.


    Identifies parameters with names or values to be supplied by the user.


    Identifies examples of specific data values and text similar to what you might see displayed or might type at a keyboard or that you might write in a program.

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