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Changes the orientation of an image or group of images.


image = Reorient(image, how);

Name Type Default Description
image field or group none image(s) to be reoriented
how integer none specific change of orientation

Name Type Description
image image reoriented image

Functional Details

This module rotates or inverts an image. (Use Refine or Reduce to change the size of an image.)

Note: This module is intended for images that will be displayed directly without rendering (i.e., using Display without a camera). So if you are rendering an object (using Image, Display with a camera, or Render), you should instead use Transpose, Rotate, Scale, and Translate to reorient that object before rendering it.


is an image or group of images. An image is (1) a regular 2-dimensional field or the output of Render or ReadImage and (2) must have the following characteristics.

  • regular 2-dimensional positions and quad connections
  • position-dependent colors
  • origin at [0, 0].


specifies one of several possible reorientations. Allowed values are 0-7 (see figure).

Figure 4. Reorientation of the letter F.

Figure reorient not

If how is set to 0, the image's appearance does not change. However, if the origin or deltas are not in the preferred image order (i.e., origin at [0, 0] and x varying fastest), the internal layout is altered to the preferred order. The result is a more efficient display of the image.

Thus Reorient can be used to align images from two sources so that the pixels are in one-to-one correspondence. A tool like Compute can then operate on corresponding pixels from the two images.


Modifies the positions and connections components and reorders the position-dependent components.

Example Visual Program

See Also

 Display,  Overlay,  ReadImage,  Reduce,  Refine,  Render

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