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 What's New in Sun WorkShop 6

Why Upgrade to Sun WorkShop 6?
Sun WorkShop 6 C Compiler
Sun WorkShop 6 C++ Compiler
Partial Specialization
Explicit Function Template Argument
Non-Type Function Template Parameters
Member Templates
Definitions-Separate Template Organization Restriction Removed
Ordering of Static Variable Destruction
Sub-Aggregate Initialization
Using Your Own C++ Standard Library
Cache Versioning
Sun WorkShop 6 Fortran Compilers
Sun WorkShop 6 Fortran 77 Compiler
Sun WorkShop 6 Fortran 95 Compiler
New Fortran Compiler Features
Sun WorkShop 6 Fortran 95 Interval Arithmetic
What Is Interval Arithmetic?
Why Is Interval Arithmetic Important?
Where Can I Get More Information?
Sun WorkShop 6 dbx
Sun WorkShop 6
Text Editing
Debugging a Program
Working With Projects
Sun WorkShop 6 TeamWare
Configuring Menu Reorganization
Putback Validation
SCCS Admin Flags
Workspace History Viewer
Sun WorkShop 6 Visual
Swing Support
Enhanced Windows Support
Sun WorkShop 6 Performance Library
Fortran 95 Language Feature Support
Changes to Sun Performance Library Licensing
Sun WorkShop 6 Analyzer
Function List
Callers-Callees Window
Generate Annotated Source Code
Generate Annotated Disassembly
Additional Changes
Sun WorkShop 6 Installation
Sun WorkShop 6 Manuals, Man Pages, READMEs, and Online Help in HTML

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