CtxTools 1.3.5
wiki: http://contextgarden.net | mail: ntg-context@ntg.nl | website: http://www.pragma-ade.nl

Command line options

--touchcontextfileupdate context version
--contextversionreport context version
--jeditinterfacegenerate jedit syntax files [--pipe]
--bbeditinterfacegenerate bbedit syntax files [--pipe]
--sciteinterfacegenerate scite syntax files [--pipe]
--rawinterfacegenerate raw syntax files [--pipe]
--translateinterfacegenerate interface files (xml) [nl de ..]
--purgefilesremove temporary files [--all --recurse] [basename]
--documentation generate documentation [--type][filename]
--filterpages') # no help, hidden temporary feature
--dpxmapfilesconvert pdftex mapfiles to dvipdfmx [--force] [texmfroot]
--listentitiescreate doctype entity definition from enco-uc.tex
--brandfilesadd context copyright notice [--force]
--platformizereplace line-endings [--recurse --force] [pattern]
--dependencies analyze depedencies within context [--save --compact --filter[macros|filenames] ][filename]
--updatecontextdownload latest version and remake formats [--proxy]
--disarmutfbomremove utf bom [--force]