TeXExec 6.2.1
wiki: http://contextgarden.net | mail: ntg-context@ntg.nl | website: http://www.pragma-ade.nl

Command line options

--makemake formats
--checkcheck versions
--processprocess file
--mptexprocess mp file
--mpxtexprocess mpx file
--mpgraphicprocess mp file to stand-alone graphics
--mpstaticprocess mp/ctx file to stand-alone graphics
--listinglist of file content
--figuresgenerate overview of figures
--modulesgenerate module documentation
--pdfarrangeimpose pages (booklets)
--pdfselectselect pages from file(s)
--pdfcopycopy pages from file(s)
--pdftrimtrim pages from file(s)
--pdfcombinecombine multiple pages
--pdfsplitsplit file in pages