luatools 1.35
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Command line options

--generategenerate file database
--variablesshow configuration variables
--configurationsshow configuration order
--expand-bracesexpand complex variable
--expand-pathexpand variable (resolve paths)
--expand-varexpand variable (resolve references)
--show-pathshow path expansion of ...
--var-valuereport value of variable
--find-filereport file location
--find-pathreport path of file
--make[or --ini] make luatex format
--run[or --fmt] run luatex format
--compileassemble and compile lua inifile
--verbosegive a bit more info
--allshow all found files
--formatstrfilter cf format specification (default 'tex', use 'any' for any match)
--patternstrfilter variables
--trackerslistenable given trackers