ConTeXt Process Management 0.61
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Command line options

--runprocess (one or more) files (default action)
--makecreate context formats
--ctx=nameuse ctx file (process management specification)
--interfaceuse specified user interface (default: en)
--autopdfclose pdf file in viewer and start pdf viewer afterwards
--purgepurge files either or not after a run (--pattern=...)
--purgeallpurge all files either or not after a run (--pattern=...)
--usemodulelistload the given module or style, normally part of the distribution
--environmentlistload the given environment file first (document styles)
--modelistenable given the modes (conditional processing in styles)
--pathlistalso consult the given paths when files are looked for
--argumentslistset variables that can be consulted during a run (key/value pairs)
--randomseednumberset the randomseed
--resultnamerename the resulting output to the given name
--trackerslistset tracker variables (show list with --showtrackers)
--directiveslistset directive variables (show list with --showdirectives)
--silentlistdisable logcatgories (show list with --showlogcategories)
--noconsoledisable logging to the console (logfile only)
--purgeresultpurge result file before run
--forcexmlforce xml stub
--forcecldforce cld (context lua document) stub
--forceluaforce lua stub (like texlua)
--forcempforce mp stub
--arrangerun extra imposition pass, given that the style sets up imposition
--noarrangeignore imposition specifications in the style
--jituse luajittex with jit turned off (only use the faster virtual machine)
--jitonuse luajittex with jit turned on (in most cases not faster, even slower)
--onceonly run once (no multipass data file is produced)
--runsprocess at most this many times
--forcedrunsprocess this many times (permits for optimization trial runs)
--batchmoderun without stopping and do not show messages on the console
--nonstopmoderun without stopping
--synctexrun with synctex enabled (optional value: zipped, unzipped, 1, -1)
--generategenerate file database etc. (as luatools does)
--paranoiddo not descend to .. and ../..
--versionreport installed context version
--globalassume given file present elsewhere
--nofileuse dummy file as jobname
--touchupdate context version number (also provide --expert, optionally provide --basepath)
--nostatisticsomit runtime statistics at the end of the run
--updateupdate context from website (not to be confused with contextgarden)
--profileprofile job (use: mtxrun --script profile --analyze)
--timinggenerate timing and statistics overview
--keeptuckeep previous tuc files (jobname-tuc-[run].tmp)
--keeplogkeep previous log files (jobname-log-[run].tmp)
--extra=nameprocess extra (mtx-context-... in distribution)
--extrasshow extras
--pdftexprocess file with texexec using pdftex
--xetexprocess file with texexec using xetex
--mkiiprocess file with texexec
--pipedo not check for file and enter scroll mode (--dummyfile=whatever.tmp)
--sandboxprocess file in a limited environment