ConTeXt Minimals Updater 1.02
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Command line options

--platformstringplatform (windows, linux, linux-64, osx-intel, osx-ppc, linux-ppc)
--serverstringrepository url (rsync://
--modulestringrepository url (minimals)
--repositorystringspecify version (current, experimental)
--contextstringspecify version (current, latest, beta,
--rsyncstringrsync binary (rsync)
--texrootstringinstallation directory (not guessed for the moment)
--enginestringtex engine (luatex, pdftex, xetex)
--modulesstringextra modules (can be list or 'all')
--fontsstringadditional fonts (can be list or 'all')
--goodiesstringextra binaries (like scite and texworks)
--forceinstead of a dryrun, do the real thing
--updateupdate minimal tree
--makealso make formats and generate file databases
--keepdon't delete unused or obsolete files
--stateupdate tree using saved state
--cygwinadapt drive specs to cygwin
--mingwassume mingw binaries being used