Robust index package for LaTeX

We are experimenting with a package robustindex.sty that tries to remedy two problems.

Page numbers changed by third party without rerunning makeindex

Amazingly often a third party changes the page numbers without rerunning makeindex. (Yes, it happened also to my 1993 book.)

It is much nicer to have an index that adapts itself to all changes but the adding/deleting of an \index{entry} command.

Only after such adding and/or deleting do we want to run makeindex.

Index contains no destination for hyperlink

The theindex environment lacks a destination for hyperlinks. That is a nuisance when one wants to add the index to the bookmarks or to the table of contents in a pdf file.
We have packages robustindex.sty and robustglossary.sty. They are used in the sample file robustsample.tex.


pdflatex robustsample.tex
pdflatex robustsample.tex
makeindex robustsample
pdflatex robustsample.tex
pdflatex robustsample.tex
you should have something like this PDF file.

Wilberd van der Kallen