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Or: xindy by Topic

Roger Kehr

Computer Science Department, Technical University of Darmstadt


Joachim Schrod

Joachim Schrod Net & Publication Consultance GmbH

$Revision: 1.2 $, $Date: 2004/05/24 21:43:16 $, for xindy version 2.2

The xindy FAQ presents answers to questions that are not adequately covered in other parts of the documentation, or are hard to find. The FAQ has been constructed from the xindy by Topic manual. The most up-to-date version of this FAQ can be obtained from the xindy homepage at

While the content of this document is still valid, it has not been updated in years and doesn't describe new developments. In particular, it doesn't mention the many languages that are supported by Thomas Henlich's make-rules system, and also doesn't know anything about the new commands that got introduced with the "LaTeX Companion Release". So, caveat. We don't want to throw out the document, though, since it still contains lots of useful information that's not available elsewhere.

1. General Questions

2. xindy Usage

3. xindy and LaTeX

4. Style Files

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