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XINDY Style File Tutorial

A Flexible Indexing System

Roger Kehr

Computer Science Department, Technical University of Darmstadt


Joachim Schrod

Joachim Schrod Net & Publication Consultance GmbH

Tutorial, Edition March 1997 for xindy version 1.1

This is a tutorial on writing style files for the xindy indexing system [5]. xindy is a general purpose index processor that can be configured for a variety of document preparation systems. We will demonstrate step by step the incremental specification of a complete index style. The examples are based on indexes that are delivered with the system so one can get acquainted with it practically.

Caution: This tutorial does not describe the complete style file language. In particular, description of rule sets, the multi-run approach, and standard modules are missing.

1. About xindy

2. A Basic Introduction

3. Advanced Features

4. References

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