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The OpenAFS client for OSX 10.11/10.12 is not yet integrated into the combined wrapper script for versions 10.6-10.10.

Please email Research.Computing for assistance if needed; we will schedule a TeamViewer session to set up the client.

Our recommended client for OSX 10.10 and later is Auristor.

Auristor is a new distributed filesystem product, backward compatible with OpenAFS.  The functionality is very similar, but the configuration is different, and we do not yet have a script to tune the client for use at Dartmouth. To use the Auristor client, your account must be enabled on the Kerberos-5 authentication system. It has no known issues. To use the Auristor client, your computer must have any previously installed OpenAFS client completely removed. Use the Uninstall.command script included in the OpenAFS installer DMG. will install a Mac boot-time script to enable encryption for data transfers. The authentication step is always encrypted. To run, save to a file, and in a Terminal window, run sh ./

krb5.conf is an optional configuration file which avoids needing to add @RSTOR.DARTMOUTH.EDU to your username when authenticating. It should be installed into /etc
sudo cp krb5.conf /etc/krb5.conf (give Mac password when prompted)