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Most Windows users should install Network Identity Manager (netidmgr) and Heimdal Kerberos packages. The file contains both of these packages plus a post-install setup script. For 32-bit systems, use

There are no options to choose at install time. These packages provide the libraries and tools to manage Kerberos-5 principals and passwords. With appropriate setup, the Kerberos libraries allow access to RStor storage and passwordless logins to RC-managed Linux systems using RStor authentication

The Win-afssetup script (Visual Basic) will configure the needed krb5.conf file for the RSTOR.DARTMOUTH.EDU authentication realm.

For step-by-step installation instructions, and post-install configuration, see Configuring identities in Network Identity Manager to create a personal identity in the Network Identity Manager. This lets you conveniently obtain and renew your credential for AFS access.