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[   ]openafs-en_US-1-6-0104.msi28-Mar-2012 01:20 19MMicrosoft Installer file for OpenAFS
[   ]openafs-en_US-1-7-3200.msi11-Oct-2016 14:06 20MMicrosoft Installer file for OpenAFS

We recommend v1.6.1 for Windows 2000, and v1.7.latest for Windows XP and newer. Windows XP can also run 1.6.1 if there are performance problems with 1.7.x on older hardware. Windows 7 and newer MUST run the 1.7.x client.

If multiple versions are listed above, use the higher-numbered version unless you have a specific reason to need the older one. New versions are added to this list as they are released, and after Computing Services has tested them locally.

OpenAFS clients on Windows XP and earlier are no longer tested by Dartmouth ITS

Legacy Accounts (not using RSTOR K5 authentication)

For the 1.7.x release you MUST choose Custom Setup when installing, and select the Authentication for AFS optional feature.