Fortran User's Guide Sun Microsystems



1.  Introduction

Standards Conformance
Features of the Fortran Compilers
Other Fortran Utilities
Debugging Utilities
Sun Performance LibraryTM
Interval Arithmetic
Man Pages
Command-Line Help

2.  Using Sun Fortran Compilers

A Quick Start
Invoking the Compiler
Compile-Link Sequence
Command-Line File Name Conventions
Source Files
Source File Preprocessors
Separate Compiling and Linking
Consistent Compiling and Linking
Linking Mixed Fortran 95 and Fortran 77 Compilations
Unrecognized Command-Line Arguments
Modules (Fortran 95)
General Directives
Parallelization Directives
OpenMP Directives
Compiler Usage Tips
Determining Hardware Platform
Memory Size

3.  f77/f95 Compiler Options

Command Syntax
Options Syntax
Options Summary
Commonly Used Options
Backward Compatibility and Legacy Options
Obsolescent Options
Options Reference
Using -xarch For SPARC Platforms:

A.  Runtime Error Messages

Operating System Error Messages
Signal Handler Error Messages
I/O Error Messages (f77)
I/O Error Messages (f95)

B.  Features Release History

Fortran 95 New Features and Changes
New Features in f95 for Sun WorkShop 6:
New Features Released In f90 2.0:
Fortran 77 New Features and Changes
New Features in f77 for Sun WorkShop 6:
Features in f77 5.0:
Features in f77 4.2:
FORTRAN 77 Upward Compatibility
Fortran 3.0/3.0.1 to 4.0
BCP: Running Applications from Solaris 1

C.  Fortran 95 Features and Differences

Features and Extensions
Continuation Line Limits
Fixed-Form Source Lines
Tab Form
Source Form Assumed
Known Limits
Boolean Type
Abbreviated Size Notation for Numeric Data Types
Cray Pointers
I/O Extensions
Form of Special f95 Directive Lines
FIXED and FREE Directives
Parallelization Directives
Compatibility with FORTRAN 77
Linking with f77-Compiled Routines
Forward Compatibility
Mixing Languages
Module Files

D.  -xtarget Platform Expansions

E.  Fortran Directives Summary

General Fortran Directives
Special Fortran 95 Directives
Sun Parallelization Directives
Cray Parallelization Directives
Fortran 95 OpenMP Directives
OpenMP Library Routines
OpenMP Environment Variables


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